Updated 6/15/2020


What are some of the changes we can expect in camp this summer and what is CGI doing to mitigate the risks?

While this summer program will look very different from what our families are used to, we will still operate our camp using our three guiding principles: ‘Safe. Fun. Jewish.’

Obviously a major focus of this summer will be safety. At this point, based on current CDC and ACA guidelines, we will have the following changes:

  • There will be no bus transportation or extended care;
  • There will be no trips (excluding hiking by Los Liones and the beach);
  • There will be no swimming (we will have alternative water activities);
  • The majority of the camp day will be spent outdoors;
  • We will not be offering daily options so that we can keep our cohorts as stable as possible. There will also be a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks;
  • We will be limiting the size of each group;
  • We will not be allowing visitors or parents on to the campus;
  • Parents will not be allowed to accompany their child/children on to campus;
  • Campers and staff will have their temperatures taken and be screened daily for symptoms;

There will be an additional waiver that addresses the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will you be serving lunch?

There will be no lunch or snacks served at camp this year, all campers will be required to bring a packed lunch from home. Lunch will be eaten with the cohort.

What time is drop off and pick up?

We will be confirming our hours based on feedback from the survey.

Will the camp fees be adjusted?

Although summer camp this year is going to look very different from years past and there will be no trips, the cost for camp will remain the same. On our end, there are a host of expenses relating directly to COVID-19.
How did you come to this decision?

We spent countless hours combing through the information released by the:

American Camp Association, including their ‘Camp Operations Guide Summer 2020;’
Center for Disease Control;
The Los Angeles Health Department;
Child Care Licensing

We participated in presentations made by a number of other epidemiologists, infectious disease doctors, healthcare consultants and more.

We worked with other local and national camps to identify some best practices to keep our campers and staff as safe as possible.

Does the county allow this?

As we can fit into the childcare category, our county has already opened up to childcare as long as the facility follows the CDC guidelines.

Will my child/children have to wear a mask all day?

We hope that campers will not have to wear masks, at least while outdoors, but we will follow the current recommendations. However, we ask that you send your child with a mask every day for times when they are not able to socially distance outside of their cohort. If you would like your child to wear a mask, they may certainly do so.

Will my child/children have to socially distance from their peers?

Based on our current guidance, campers within one group/cohort will be allowed to intermingle more closely than 6’, but will still avoid touching and sharing materials.

Click here for our COVID-19 Camp Policies & Procedures Handbook.

For questions please email [email protected]